Download KICTANet publications below. The publications are grouped into Reports produced by KICTANet, Policy Briefs developed by KICTANet, and Submissions made by KICTANet to different entities.

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Name Download File Size
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Assessing Internet Development in Kenya. Using UNESCO’s Internet Universality ROAM-X Indicators
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Community Engagement With The National Assembly ICT Committee
Download 117.4 KB
Senate Standing Committee on IT - Engagement with KICTANet
Download 434.7 KB
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Download 708.6 KB
Policy concerns on digital identification workshop report May 2019
Download 663.3 KB
Thought leaders breakfast meeting on fintech policy and regulation
Download 1.4 MB
Social-economic impact of broadband in Kenya Online Discussion 2019
Download 201.7 KB
Download 7.3 MB
Download 363.3 KB
Download 1.6 MB
Download 486.6 KB
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KICTANet stakeholder participation on the Elections law Amendment Bill 2017
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Download 2.4 MB
Download 394.8 KB
Africa Union convention on cybersecurity online debate report 2013
Download 601 KB
Women and Cybercrime in Kenya Literature Review report 2011
Download 878.4 KB
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Download 535.6 KB
Aligning Records Management with ICT E-government and freedom of information in East Africa report 2011
Download 400.5 KB
Download 255.8 KB
Download 271.3 KB
Download 262.2 KB
KICTANet Competence Status Survey Assessment Report 2007
Download 418.5 KB
Download 177.2 KB
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