Digital Accessibility – ICT Access and Equality

This is KICTANet’s work on Digital Accessibility. We are working directly with Persons with Disabilities in Kenya towards influencing their access to ICTs as well as their lived experiences and their input towards ICT policy in Kenya.


The Challenge

The Internet is increasingly becoming an important platform for economic activities, with online platforms rapidly mediating economic opportunities, social and political engagement. 


While the unprecedented growth of the digital economy in Kenya has helped to unlock opportunities across various sectors of the economy, this …


… transformation has brought about myriad challenges, leading to questions about its ability to contribute to broad-based economic development for all Kenyans.

Our Programs

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Digital Accessibility

Since 2022, this Digital Accessibility program addresses all accessibility issues for Persons With Disabilities, the aged, and anyone affected by Accessibility challenges.

What is Inclusivity in ICT?

What is Inclusivity in ICT?

By Nicodemus Nyakundi The Kenyan government initiated the rollout and implementation of internet infrastructure to serve the unserved and underserved, promote ICT access equity, and narrow the digital divide. Currently, the government is shifting its services online...

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