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Date: 27 June 2024

Kenya Internet Governance Forum 2024 (Hybrid)

Kenya IGF brings together stakeholders representing government, the private sector, civil society, the technical and academic community, media, and the public in an informal setting for policy dialogue on Internet governance issues on an equal basis through an open and inclusive process. This type of cooperative engagement is usually called the multistakeholder model of Internet Governance, which is one of the key features of the Internet’s success. This model is paramount to ensure that the Internet remains sustainable for economic and social development.

9th Edition, 10th–27nd June 2024 Venue: Online via e-learning platform and webinars.

Kenya School of Internet Governance 2024

KeSIG’s mission is to increase the capacity of key actors and potential actors in the local internet governance space. These include traditional human rights defenders and civil society organizations, students, academia, the tech community, and government departments. These actors are also commissioned to participate in international internet policymaking thereby contributing African perspectives in global debates.

KeSIG will take place over three weeks.

Stakeholder Engagement on the ODPC Guidance Note for the Communication Sector

Date: 5 June 2024 | Time: 07:30 am to 11:00 am | Venue:Nairobi

The Data Protection Commissioner’s office issued a guideline for the telecommunication sector on data privacy, covering concerns like surveillance and data collection. This guideline is not legally binding but offers recommendations for compliance. To address the tension between privacy and data processing, Article 19 Eastern Africa and KICTANet are holding a meeting with stakeholders to discuss data protection challenges in the telecommunications sector.

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KICTANet Thought Leadership Series: Policy Discussion on Digital Taxation in Kenya

Date:  May 29, 2024| 0800 – 1400 hours |Place: TBC

The Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), in partnership with Meta Platforms Inc, is pleased to convene a thought-leadership roundtable discussion titled “Policy Discussion on Digital Taxation in Kenya“.  Read More …

KICTANet Digital Accessibility: “The Internet and Disability: A Focus on Digital Inclusion”

Date: 27th to 31st May 2024 | Venue: TBC, Nairobi

Participation: Invite-only event – must RSVP

KICTANet in partnership with the Communication Authority (CA), will be hosting a five-day technical workshop on Digital Inclusion. The workshop will target forty (40) participants including representatives of Organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs), government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), the private sector, the technical community, academia, media, development partners, civil society and persons with disabilities.

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KICTANet Webinar: Empowering Community Networks for Disability Inclusion in Kenya

Date: 28 March 2024 | Time: 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Platform – Zoom  (Link to be shared upon registration)

KICTANet, along with CIPESA, is hosting a webinar to address the digital divide faced by persons with disabilities in Kenya. Statistics show significantly lower internet usage among people with disabilities compared to the general population. This webinar aims to empower community networks, operating in underserved regions, to be more inclusive of these users.

The discussion will focus on the current accessibility landscape in Kenya, including legal and regulatory frameworks. By understanding the challenges people face with disabilities, the webinar hopes to identify areas for policy intervention to promote digital inclusion.  Read More …

KICTANet Workshop: Privacy and Cyber Hygiene for Vulnerable Groups

Date: March 27th, 2024 (Invite Only)
Venue: Royal Tulip Canaan, Nairobi|
Time: 08:00 – 5:00 pm

This workshop by KICTANet and SAIDC aims to raise awareness about privacy rights and online safety practices (cyber hygiene) for vulnerable groups in Kenya. These groups include Women, Youth, and People with disabilities. Participants will better understand privacy and online safety and develop practical skills to protect themselves online. Increased awareness of cybersecurity threats will empower participants to make informed choices online.

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KICTANet Spaces – From Memes to Medicine: The Unexpected Ways Tech is Changing the World

Date: Monday, 26 March 2024 at 8:00 pm
Platform: X Space (Open Mic)

KICTANet will host an X-Space discussion on the impact of technology on women in Kenya in honour of International Women’s Day. The online space offers many opportunities for women, but KICTANet acknowledges the challenges of online safety and gender gaps in technology use. They aim to discuss these opportunities and challenges, inspire women to leverage technology for economic empowerment and artistic expression and develop recommendations to create a more equitable online space for women in Kenya. Read More …

Fostering Collaboration: Local Tech Leaders Meeting with Meta’s Global Affairs President.
KICTANet Thought Leadership Series.

Date: Monday, 18 March 2024
Venue: Nairobi

KICTANet and Meta will host an interactive thought leadership engagement for local leaders/executives from leading technology companies, telecommunications firms, and digital startups operating in Kenya to engage with Meta’s Global Affairs President, Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs, Meta. Others in attendance will be entrepreneurs and innovators in the digital space, including those involved in e-commerce, fintech, AI, and digital content creation.

This meeting will represent a valuable opportunity for local technology leaders to engage directly with Meta’s leadership, explore collaboration opportunities, and address mutual challenges in advancing Kenya’s digital innovation ecosystem. By fostering dialogue, the meeting will contribute to the continued growth and development of Kenya’s technology sector and the broader digital economy.

KICTANet and Article 19 EA- X Space Dialogue: Content Moderation is Broken: Addressing the X in the Room

Date: Friday, 15 March 2024 at 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Platform: X Space

Join KICTANet and Article 19 Eastern Africa for an X-Space dialogue to explore the effectiveness of X’s (formerly Twitter) content moderation in curbing online gender-based violence (OGBV). The dialogue will feature a panel discussion by experts on platform accountability, followed by an open mic session. This is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges and solutions to OGBV online.  Set a reminder. 

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Empowering Community Networks for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities Training Workshop

Date: 15th  March 2024 |Time: 8:00 am–2:00 pm
Venue: To be shared alongside the invitation

KICTANet will host a workshop to empower community networks to serve people with disabilities better. The workshop will address the digital divide for people with disabilities by discussing accessibility challenges and potential policy solutions. By collaborating with community networks, KICTANet aims to improve accessibility training for network custodians and empower people with disabilities to advocate for inclusion within these networks. Read More …

KICTANet Policy Series: Multistakeholder participation on the Information, Communications and the Digital Economy Sectoral Working Group (SWG) Draft Report.

Date: 13 March 2024, 1000 – 1700 hours
Venue: Radisson Blu, Upper Hill, Nairobi.
Participants: Working group members.

The Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy (MoICDE) established a Sector Working Group (SWG) to propose reforms for the Kenyan ICT sector. KICTANet is holding a one-day program where seven working groups of experts from various backgrounds will provide their feedback on the SWG’s Draft Report. The feedback will cover seven thematic areas: digital infrastructure, software services, data governance, cybersecurity, innovation, postal services, and media. This initiative aims to update Kenya’s ICT laws through public participation.

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Film Screening and Panel Discussion on Supporting Women’s Voices on International Women’s Day

Date: Fri., 8 th March 2024, 12:30 – 16:00 hrs.
Venue: KOFISI Square, 11th floor, Riverside Square, 104 Riverside Drive, Nairobi.

The day involved an introduction to the Film Art of Love and the Topic of Postpartum Depression. This was followed by a panel discussion on Supporting Women’s Voices and Accelerating Gender Equity.

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Webinar – Privacy Perspectives: Surveillance of AirBnBs and Operationalization of Section 48 of the Private Security Regulation Act.

Date and Time: 7th February 2024
Venue: Zoom Meeting  2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EAT

This discussion is particularly relevant due to recent government statements highlighting the practice of recording and temporarily identifying individuals in accommodation establishments, particularly in response to the urgent need to address and mitigate ongoing femicide cases allegedly involving AirBnBs.

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#TalkToICANN – ICANN Engagement in Africa
KICTANet’s Talk to Series.

Date: 2nd February, 2024: 0800–1200 hours.
Venue: Serena Hotel, Nairobi.

The Breakfast Meeting on ICANN Engagement in Africa, hosted by KICTANet, aims to bring together key stakeholders, industry professionals, and thought leaders to discuss and foster a deeper understanding of ICANN’s role in Africa’s digital landscape and increase visibility on the Coalition for Digital Africa. The event seeks to explore collaborative opportunities, address challenges, and promote active engagement between ICANN and the African Internet community.

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Kenya’s Security Playbook: Reports Launch

Date: January 30, 2024, 0800–1300 hours.
Venue: Radisson Pakinn, Westlands, Nairobi.

The forthcoming reports launch analyze the impact of prevention of violent extremism (PVE), counterterrorism, and national security measures in Kenya. This research is a collaborative effort between ARTICLE 19 Eastern AfricaHAKI Africa, the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), and the Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies (CHRIPS), with support from the Fund for Global Human Rights.

Training of Trainers for SMEs on Cyber Hygiene

Date: January 23, 2024, 0800–1630 hours.
Venue: Raddison Blu, Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya.

KICTANet in collaboration with KPMG and the ICT Authority with support from the UK FCDO has been implementing a joint project to promote cyber hygiene awareness in Kenya, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project has so far developed a cyber hygiene awareness curriculum and content targeted at SMEs. As part of this initiative, the partners convened a one-day cyber-hygiene awareness workshop with 95 participants drawn from various SMEs in Kenya.

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