From Memes to Medicine: The Unexpected Ways Tech is Changing the World 

KICTANet X Space Dialogue

Date: Monday, 26 March 2024 at 8:00 pm

Platform: X Space (Open Mic)


In honour of International Women’s Day and building up on the celebrations we held on 8th March 2024, we are excited to host an X Space to dialogue on the dynamic opportunities technology has offered women in Kenya and how to leverage these opportunities to accelerate progress towards achieving SDG5.  


The online space offers a platform for connection, entertainment, information sharing, education, commerce and collaboration, among other opportunities. It is, therefore, crucial that these spaces are safe and inclusive for women’s participation. At KICTANet, one of our main objectives is to bridge the gender gap attributed to technological advancement. Our work in research, multistakeholder engagement, policy advocacy and capacity building under the gender program focuses on finding solutions and making recommendations to counter the barriers and challenges women face online. Through our work, more women have developed capacity in cyber hygiene, digital security, data protection and digital resilience. 

As we continue to celebrate International Women’s Day, it is imperative to take stock of the gains that have been made and the opportunities that women have leveraged for economic empowerment and artistic expression and take lessons for the next steps in improving women’s online participation. 


The X space aims to facilitate dialogue on the opportunities and dynamic ways technology transforms women’s lives in Kenya. 

Expected Outcomes

  • There has been increased awareness of technology’s multifaceted opportunities and impacts on society, including its implications for gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  • Concrete recommendations for Kenyan women to harness the potential of technology for inclusive development in Kenya.
  • Inspire action and drive momentum towards creating a more equitable and sustainable future through innovative technological solutions.

About KICTANet

KICTANet is a multistakeholder platform for people and institutions interested in ICT policy. The network acts as a think tank that catalyses policy reforms in the ICT sector. It is guided by four pillars: policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and research. KICTAnet’s guiding philosophy encourages synergies for ICT policy-related activities and initiatives. As such, the network provides mechanisms and a framework for continuing cooperation and collaboration in ICT matters among industry, technical community, academia, media, development partners, and Government. 


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