This document provides a brief overview of the background, proceedings and outcomes of
the “Breakfast Thought Leaders Meeting on Fintech Policy and Regulation” that was hosted
by the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) with the support of Huawei. The breakfast
meeting was held on Wednesday, 18th of September 2019 at Sarova Stanley Hotel in
Nairobi, Kenya. With a total of 25 participants drawn from different organizations that cut
across the fintech echo-system in Kenya, the number and diversity of participants and
quality of their submissions provided an excellent platform for teasing out the pertinent
issues related to fintech policy and regulation in Kenya. Their submissions and contributions
were compiled and subsequently summarized into themes that will inform the policy brief on
the fintech echo-system in Kenya. In this regard, the meeting served as an excellent
information gathering forum for development of the fintech policy brief. It is hoped that the
resulting policy brief will serve as a good knowledge dissemination tool and set the agenda
for fintech policy and regulation in Kenya and the region at large.

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