During the discussions, several proposals were made on the way forward:


1. NCIC, in consultation with social media platforms and other stakeholders, ought to develop a Best Practice Manual on fake news.


2. NCIC should involve bloggers in the fight against fake news. Using their platforms to call out fake news posts will certainly reach a wider audience.


3. NCIC ought to carry out comparative studies with other jurisdictions to find out what measures they have put in place to curb fake news and whether these measures have been fruitful.


4. All the different categories of stakeholders should intensify awareness campaigns.


5. KICTANet should engage with KENIC on the issue of takedowns, especially on the feasibility of a content policy.


6. It was proposed that the internet community should reach out to the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development to incorporate Media and Information Literacy into the curriculum.


7. Many participants were of the opinion that fake news is a manifestation of deeper societal issues, key among them being greed for public office and divisive politics. It was proposed that there be developed a National Value System to entrench ethical values into the Kenyan culture.


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