Published by: Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTAnet) with support from DW Akademie.
Authors: Mwende Ngao and Rayhab Gachango.
Project Leads : Liz Orembo and Mwara Gichanga.
Editing: Grace Githaiga.

A large number of the East African population now lives online. In Kenya 98% access and use the internet, and has become one of the most essential resources in our day to day activities especially with the over reliance on technology during the pandemic. More businesses are going online for continuity, and more people are connecting with each other using the social networking platforms. Women’s active involvement on the internet is not only beneficial to their economic activities, but also in their careers, their need for artistry, social and political expression. Online content creation is a way of creating own footsteps and online identity. Women get to be known as experts in the field of the content they create. Against this background, KICTAnet sought to create a tool to guide different groups of women on content creation.

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