Key recommendations to IEBC and other stakeholders:

  1. Provide a public API to IEBC results system, to enable observers and other stakeholders to access the database and carry out results analytics. 
  2. IEBC should also provide access to the results transmission portal by disclosing and publicising the URL for the portal to the public.
  3. Grant observers access to back-room server operations on the processing of results forms.
  4. Ensure that the use of manual registers is supported by the expected documentary evidence as per IEBC regulations (such as approvals from Presiding Officers, and completion of requisite forms).
  5. IEBC should transmit and display both text results entered in the KIEMS and the scanned result forms transmitted for all the elective positions across all polling stations to enhance transparency, accountability and verifiability of the elections. 
  6. IEBC should publish publicly, the data protection impact assessment report and privacy policy. 
  7. Ensure all technologies and devices to be used in the elections are all tested prior to deployment to ensure sufficient performance. 
  8. Ensure comprehensive training of all election personnel well before the elections, especially on the aspects of the use of technology and devices.
  9. Collaborate with electricity and telecommunications providers to ensure robust network and coverage during the elections, including ensuring that satellite backup is used in areas without 3G or 4G network coverage.
  10. Incorporate cyber hygiene, digital security and privacy aspects in the curriculum used for the training of election officials. 
  11. Take measures to prevent vendor lock-in in the acquisition and maintenance of its technology infrastructure. 
  12. IEBC should respond in a timely manner to address any misinformation and disinformation targeting them. 
  13. IEBC should publish and publicise important information for voter education on its website and disseminate them widely including on its social media handles.
  14. Social media companies should take measures to address rising hate speech, misinformation and disinformation on their platforms.
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