Women living in informal settlements such as deal with everyday economic, political, and social burdens that they need to overcome in order to create cohesion in their families and communities. Moreover, women are critical contributors to the survival of their households tasked with ensuring the family is well fed, clothed, housed and children have access to
education. Despite these roles, the majority of these women are still excluded from planning and decision-making processes.

The COVID-19 outbreak in Kenya has and will continue to disproportionately affect women especially in the informal settlements such as Kibera, in as far as taking up additional economic responsibilities for their families and communities or experiencing domestic abuse while isolating with their abuser(s) is
concerned. This report aimed at understanding the impact of COVID 19 on women in Kibera, and provides key recommendations. The report further intends to contribute to effective and locally relevant COVID 19 responses through a gender lens.

Additionally, it highlights the role of community-centric approaches such as community networks and communities of care in supporting women during and beyond the pandemic.

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