Blockchain Policy Brief

The introduction of a policy brief for Blockchain in Kenya is intended to spur discussions that will provide solutions aimed at leveraging Kenya’s dynamic ecosystem in the adoption and use of Blockchain technology. This brief covers an introduction into Blockchain technology and makes a simple definition of this technology. Concerns that have been raised are tackled starting with the misunderstanding between Bitcoins and the underlying technology that is the Blockchain. The creation of viable use cases and an enabling ecosystem for the adoption of the technology are addressed. The key actors in the adoption of the technology are identified as the tech community, the business community and government agencies. The general roles they will play in the adoption of the technology are discussed.

Further, a number of opportunities and challenges that have already manifested in the use of the technology are explained. And as we enter an era of unparalleled change in the world necessitated by technology, this brief makes the following recommendations:

1. There is need to demystify the technology for different stakeholders and in particular distinguish between cryptocurrencies and Blockchain since such misconceptions ruin the narrative.
2. There is a need to localise the Blockchain narrative by creating use cases that will create viable solutions.
3. An enabling environment must be fostered for the adoption of the technology.
4. The government should include Blockchain under its priority ICT policies.

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