A safer web for women

What is violence against women online, and what is gender based cybercrime? This short comic strip simplifies the challenges faced by women online.


Tune in to KBC Channel1 and watch Take on Tech -  a program that brings you contemporary issues on ICTs in Kenya. Let us simplify tech for all.

Our Pillars

KICTANet’s organisational strategy:

Policy Advocacy

We bring stakeholders together to discuss on the best policy alternatives and also monitor the progress of policy development processes.

Capacity building

To ensure continuity and diversity in the policy development, we bring in new voices in the different stakeholder backgrounds through training and events.


Our policy advocacy and capacity building are supported by evidence based research through an established working group on both current and emerging issues.

Stakeholder engagement

We facilitate stakeholder engagement through collaborative initiatives in face-to-face Town Hall meetings, and in the KICTANet?s interactive mailing list where multiple stakeholders engage regularly on ICT policy issues.


Featured publications

Reports, Manuals etc

Featured publications

Reports, Manuals etc
About KICTANet
KICTANet Annual Report 2016
KICTANet Organisational Structure 2007
KICTANet Institutional Assessment Draft Report October 2007
First 100 Days Consolidated Categorized Feedback
Kenya Policy Brief on Internet Shutdowns
KICTANet strategic evaluation

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