Kenya IGF 2024

The IGF week has a series of activities including the Kenya School of Internet Governance (KeSIG), policy briefs dissemination workshops, and culminates in the flagship Kenya Internet Governance Forum.

Several events will be held during the Kenya IGF week. These are Kenya School of Internet Governance (KESIG), Data Protection and Privacy, the Kenya Youth IGF, Childfen IGF, Kenya Internet Governance Forum, among others.

Online Gender-Based Violence Tracker

Online gender-based violence (OGBV) is on the rise across the world. Much of OGBV reports and research focuses on high visibility individuals- such as politicians, journalists and human rights defenders- however, OGBV affects ordinary day-to-day users of the Internet as well.

This OGBV tracker has been created by KICTANet to document incidences of OGBV across Africa to track prevalence. Data from this tracker will be used to advocate for policies to combat OGBV at national and regional levels.  KICTANet shall publish a quarterly report on the status of the tracker.

Cyber Hygiene Awareness for SMEs

Towards promoting cyber-hygiene awareness among Small and Medium sized enterprises in Kenya –  developing a comprehensive cyber hygiene curriculum, and video features, animations, comic strips, video skits, factsheets, and posters. 


Tatua Support Keep Your Money Safe Online

In this comic, Tatua support takes us through steps for How to keep your money safe online.

Kenya: Putting Data Privacy at the Heart of the Debate

Listen to our podcast series that aims to help SMEs in Kenya comply with data protection regulations.  The Data Protectors Podcast brings together Kenyan and European experts to explore different aspects of data protection compliance, share lessons learned, and identify opportunities created with the enactment of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Become a Digital Enquirer

Boost your knowledge and learn new ways to shape a safer online information space.

Complete the Digital Enquirer Kit, a free e-learning guide that empowers you with fact-seeking superpowers.


Tune in to KBC Channel1 and watch Take on Tech –  a program that brings you contemporary issues on ICTs in Kenya. Let us simplify tech for all.


Achievement of the Network over the Years


Thought Leadership Forums

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Policy Interventions

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Our Pillars

KICTANet’s organisational strategy:

Policy Advocacy

We bring stakeholders together to discuss on the best policy alternatives and also monitor the progress of policy development processes.

Capacity building

To ensure continuity and diversity in the policy development, we bring in new voices in the different stakeholder backgrounds through training and events.


Our policy advocacy and capacity building are supported by evidence based research through an established working group on both current and emerging issues.

Stakeholder engagement

We facilitate stakeholder engagement through collaborative initiatives in face-to-face Town Hall meetings, and in the KICTANet?s interactive mailing list where multiple stakeholders engage regularly on ICT policy issues.


Featured publications

Reports, Manuals etc

Featured publications

Reports, Manuals etc
KICTANet 2022 Annual Report
Licensing Framework for Community Networks
Kenya Policy Brief on Internet Shutdowns

Kenya IGF Report 2023

KICTANet Quarterly Spotlight Report January - March 2023
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