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Kenya IGF Rescheduled for August 1st – Focus on Building an Inclusive Digital Future

The Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KeIGF), which was postponed in June will be going ahead next month, August 1, 2024.

The 17th edition was to be held on June 27, 2024. Unfortunately, due to due to youth-led protests against the Finance Bill 2024, organisers cancelled the event with hopes to return more inclusively.

“These protests underscore a critical dialogue about economic policies and their far-reaching implications on digital inclusivity and freedom. By postponing the forum, we’re not stepping back; we’re leaning in closer to listen, understand, and incorporate the voices of those standing at the barricades today,” said the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) and KICTANet Board of Trustees.

Convened annually by KICTANet, this year’s forum aligns with the global IGF theme“Building our Multistakeholder Digital Future,” with a focus on the Kenyan context –“Building Kenya’s Multistakeholder Digital Future.”

Discussions will focus on how different stakeholders can work together to build a positive digital future for everyone. Key sub-themes and their focus include:

  • Balancing Innovation and Risk: This theme will explore how to leverage digital innovation in areas like healthcare and education while mitigating risks like cyber threats.
  • Digital for Peace, Development, and Sustainability: Stakeholders will examine how the Internet can be used to promote peace, and sustainable development, and address environmental challenges.
  • Human Rights and Inclusion: This will focus on ensuring everyone has access to the internet and can participate online without discrimination – connecting marginalized communities and protecting human rights online.
  • Improving Digital Governance: Participants will explore ways to strengthen collaborative approaches to managing the Internet, ensuring it remains open, transparent, and inclusive.

Beyond the main KeIGF, KICTAnet already held its 9th edition of the Kenya School of Internet Governance (KeSIG) attracting 80 students.

In addition, KIGF Week, a range of workshops and programs designed to empower stakeholders and foster deeper discussions on specific Internet governance were held. This includes the Privacy and Cybersecurity Roundtable; Training on Gender and IGF; Children IGF;  Kenya Youth IGF and Civil Society Roundtable on Digital Rights.

Photo: Ms Rosemary Koech Kimwatu, KICTANet Multistakeholder Advisory Group Chairperson.



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