World’s biggest ever digital currency ‘theft’

Let’s not forget the biggest flaw of all with crypto currencies is that they depend on basically wasting energy (Which may or may not be sustainably produced, even so it could be better used than on crunching pointless numbers):

· In 2017:

* 42.67 TWh: The annual energy consumption of Bitcoin and Ethereum combined
* 0.19%: The percentage of the world’s electricity used by Bitcoin and Ethereum
* 8.49: The number of U.S. households that could be powered for a full day with the same energy as single bitcoin transaction

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That we are not safe anywhere from thieves? 🙂

Seriously though one of the fundamental flaws of cryptocurrencies is that once you have been liberated from your cryptos you have no recourse. This is a design flaw that we are all hoping will be resolved. Sooner rather than later.
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