Webinar on what you need to now about your Digital Security

Dear Listers,

My colleagues and I (Four of us are actually Kesig Alumni) are hosting a
three-day webinar series on how and what the average Kenyan internet user
should know in order to enhance their digital security.

On 24th November, we will highlight the common cybersecurity threats that
can compromise one’s digital security; on 25th November, we will discuss
online secure communications and personal data protection considerations;
and on 26th November, we will carry out a legal analysis of digital
security in Kenya through the lens of Kenyan legislation and international
law and best practice. The webinars shall be from 6 p.m to 7 p.m Kenya time.

Please find attached a poster with the details regarding the speakers. No
registration is required. Link to the webinar below:

Thank you
Kind Regards

Tevin Mwenda Gitonga

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