Validation of the The ICT Authority Draft Strategic Plan(2019-23)

Thanks Lilian for the invite. Noted too on Hussein & S. M. Muraya’s concerns.

Confirmed for tomorrow.

Hez Gikang’a

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Dear Ali Hussein,

Tomorrow’s event is only one of forums where document will be discussed.

There is therefore adequate time for the Authority to receive input from sector.Feel free to attend tomorrow’s forum or send us feedback in the coming days.

Thank you for the support so far.



On Wed, Dec 18, 2019, 16:46 Ali Hussein <[email protected]> wrote:


With all due respect. Why are you giving stakeholders 12 hour notice to come and deliberate and input into such an important document?

It begs the question on whether you guys are rally serious about the input from stakeholders or you are just ticking the ‘Public Participation’ box?

This is, to say the least, completely unacceptable.


Ali Hussein

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On 18 Dec 2019, at 2:26 PM, Lilian Kimeto via kictanet <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Listers,

Warm greetings from the ICT Authority to this fraternity.

Secondly,this is to invite us all to a one day workshop at the Stanley Sarova Hotel,tomorrow Thursday 19th December whose objective will be to receive stakeholder and sector views on our Draft Strategic Plan.The event will start at 8 am.

Please find time to come and more so please give us your valuable feedback/input.Please use the link below to access the document.

With kind regards,

Lilian Kimeto


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