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@Wathagi and @Watila Alex <> at least we have a Data
Commissioner in place, the future looks interesting post the 2022 election
which might be the major focus for data conversations next year with more
Kenyans coming online.


On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 8:37 PM awatila— via kictanet <> wrote:

> please find my contributions below.
> technology is moving so fast e.g. WhatsApp has introduced disappearing
> messages. what will happen if you are asked for a message that disappeared?
> also cok2010 invalidated the official secrets act (it was specifically
> discussed during the naivasha conferences).
> also without a strong privacy regime it will be difficult to attract
> foreign investors. lots of data are being moved to the EU from other
> jurisdictions because of their strong commitment to data privacy
> regards
> On Dec 18, 2020 19:14, Wathagi Ndungu via kictanet <
>> wrote:
> Hi Listers, this may be interesting you: Kenyan government takes another
> shot at infringing privacy and digital rights!
> “On December 12, 2020, Kenya’s President, Kenyatta Uhuru, assented to the Statute
> Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2020
> <> that
> amends the country’s Official Secrets Act, 1968, among other laws.
> The Bill states that Kenyans with mobile phones or other communication
> devices will be required to provide emails, WhatsApp messages, SMS or any
> other data which the government deems a threat to national security.
> Those who refuse to provide the data upon demand run the risk of serving a
> one-year jail term and/or paying a fine of Ksh1 million (~$9,000).”
> This is the
> link:
> Wathagi Ndungu
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