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My take, Some things are just ridiculous.. You have a HR Administrator, A Programmer, Office Administrator, an IP Lawyer, a sweeper, a Cyber Security expert all five working for: a)A
Hello Anyega, *If kids in their campus hostels and parent’s basements are disrupting > industries, don’t you think ICT is one place where gatekeepers are not > required? * ?How
Regulation oft leads to a principle-agent problem. The folks regulating this will be forced to act in their own interests. Talk to the guys in the medical/legal field, it’s not
My view: **ICT is diverse:* – ICT is so wide and intersects with literally every other industry or discipline. I would compare it to Manufacturing – which involves engineering (you
“Because they are very sharp people who have taken the time to understand what it takes to get things done, within the current environment. While the *ideal* situation would be
Hello Collins, I will direct my response to the community(myself included) through your email, but I assure you that I hold no grudge to you or anyone else individually. *I
I think Mr. Muraya theres a difference between a holistic policy like the practitioners bill and the tools we can use to manage our critical data. I will give you
A while ago, British media alleged two senior Kenyan lawyers/politicians were compromised by a British firm to preserve low environmental (pro tobacco, pro smoking) standards in Kenya. Point is, laws
Anyone with a copy of the latest version of the bill or link? From: kictanet [mailto:kictanet-bounces+bkioko=bernsoft.com@lists.kictanet.or.ke] On Behalf Of Collins Areba via kictanet Sent: Monday, December 18, 2017 1:46 PM
I do not even see what the problem here is, What is so hard in having a membership based organization (who’s membership is open to all) regulating policy, where members
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