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Dear Listers This may be of interest to some of you. Sorry for cross-postingI if you have already received an invitation to this DINE event. But in case you haven’t,
Listers, Might be of interest to you. Best Regards ———- Forwarded message ——— From: IGF Secretariat Subject: [NRIs List] IGF 2020 Report To: igfregionals@intgovforum.org Dear all, The IGF Secretariat is
@Liz, With regard to Adverstising/Marketing the critical thing the DPC (Data Protection Commissioner) may look for is the opt-in process.  As long as the customer willingly opted into the App
Absolutely Tevin , this presents a fundamental opportunity for Africa to unify in urgent data policies for resolution in the digital age to ensure protection of human rights and freedoms
Hi Wangu, That is very puzzling indeed , it will be interesting to hear FB’s response on this Warmly Mwara On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 8:57 PM Wangu Mwangi
Thank you Tevin for highlighting this and sharing additional resources. For a start, I think it is great that Whatsapp has shared its policy and allowed room for debate in
Hi Team, Perhaps to further guide our discussion is this twitter thread by Will Cathcart the Whatsapp CEO https://twitter.com/wcathcart/status/1347660768225841152 where he stated that the new changes that are coming in
@barrack, it would be interesting to hear how the principle of Data minimization applies when the specified purpose is advertising. Where’s our data protection guru @walu? On Thu, Feb 25,
Thank you listers for the discussions so far. The discussion threads for Tuesday and Wednesday are still open. You can also send your questions by email to mwaragichanga@gmail.come and we
Thank you all for your contributions, it should very exciting to engage FB on the webinar next week on Tuesday on these important issues and questions you have all raised
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