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Am not sure if FB Altitute connectivity Infrastructure (its equivalent version of Google Balloons) is active in Kenya, would be good to know. But I think the Google guys resolved
True, for a company with close to 3Billion users, they have made good effort to keep the platform sane.  However some think they are still flexible with their policies based
Happy Saturday! It’s a Wrap! We are so grateful to everyone that has contributed to these conversations so far. Today we end with the “Connectivity” topic and any other concern
Dear all,According to my own view I think Facebook is  really trying on content moderation.This includes taking down  posts,groups and accounts that engage in coordinated inauthentic behavior-defined by Facebook as
Does Facebook see itself as a data controller,data processor or both?For each ,can provide details in which instances these relate to?Regards Nancy.Powered by Cricket Wireless ——– Original message ——–From: Kelvin
Responding to Walu’s question,I  think the Kenyan government still has not put  proper legal channels when demanding  information about private Kenyan users from Facebook.According  Facebook policies , they don’t respond
Dear Kathy, Weeh! Waiting to hear the response to your very realistic question from FB 🙂 Thank you for your input! On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 5:18 PM Kathy
Sorry I’m late as my comment is from Day 1’s agenda focus: Question to Facebook – where or how do you draw the content boundary and are the community standards
Interesting share from Twahir, My experience on wether my post on FB would attract govt surveillance is not there, I guess because my critique for government is always substantiated 😉
Dear Mercy, Thank you for acknowledging that you are picking up the concerns raised here, indeed we will collate all of them into a report which will for part of
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