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Hi all, Apologies if I go a bit off track here as i just recently joined this conversation, but i wanted to share a personal experience i’m still puzzling over,
Dear Mwara, These are pertinent questions you have raised here, and the discussion is really interesting. On question one, I think Facebook is not your ordinary platform to compare with
Hi Mwara, Many thanks for leading todays discussion, how does Whatsapp plan to ensure that it complies with local Data Protection Laws with respect to Data Minimization? I am also
Hello Mwara, WhatsApp’s clarification of the privacy policy didn’t inspire confidence despite the promise to maintain the E2EE because the Information collection across the board for both users and businesses
There is a problem with the SSL certificate 🙁 Regards On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 12:54 PM tevin mwenda via kictanet wrote: > Dear Listers, > > This may
This is will be interesting to see unfold, Joseph and Wathagi as Tevin has shared on the list the DP office website is officially up and running, this opens up
I am not sure legitimate interest would stack up especially because they have to prove that it was necessary. This is a situation of “wanting to have” rather than “needing
Dear Listers, This may be of interest to you especially in light of the upcoming talk with FaceBook. The Kenya Data Protection Office website is finally up and running and
I think the will probably use another legal base like legitimate interest of the controller. I would actually be happy to see some litigation on this to get things moving.
I am not sure how they will be able to justify this move legally in Kenya due to the DPA. They won’t be able to prove that the consent from
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