KICTANet and SAIDC Empower Vulnerable Groups with Privacy and Cyber Hygiene Workshop

KICTANet, in collaboration with the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAIDC), successfully concluded a workshop on “Privacy and Cyber Hygiene for Vulnerable and At-Risk Groups.”

The workshop aimed to raise awareness and equip women, youth, and persons with disabilities with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves online.

The digital economy thrives on personal data, which allows organisations to understand market trends and personalise customer experiences.

However, this data collection also poses privacy and cybersecurity risks, disproportionately impacting vulnerable groups.

KICTANet research highlights online gender-based violence targeting women and the exploitation of Kenyan youth for sensitive data by companies like non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Additionally, persons with disabilities(PWDs) often lack autonomy online and are susceptible to scams.

The workshop addressed these concerns by providing participants with:

First, an enhanced understanding of privacy, data protection, and cyber hygiene practices.

Secondly, they developed skills to maintain cyber hygiene on their devices and online accounts.

Finally, participants learned about awareness of cybersecurity threats such as doxing, phishing, cyberstalking, and image rights abuse.

The workshop covered a range of topics, including:

  • Overview of Privacy and Cybersecurity Frameworks
  • Device and Connectivity Cyber Hygiene
  • Social Media and Messaging Security
  • Online Gender-Based Violence
  • Securing Online Access
  • Keeping Money Safe Online
  • Incident Reporting

This initiative by KICTANet and SAIDC empowers vulnerable groups to navigate the digital world confidently and safely.

Promoting the workshop promotes responsible data collection and fosters cyber hygiene practices, contributing to a more inclusive and secure online environment for all Kenyans.


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