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How Kenya’s ICT Sector is Rebooting

In September 2023, the Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Mr Eliud Owalo, initiated the Working Group on ‘ICT Sectoral Reforms in Legal and Policy Framework’, recognising the critical need for growth and innovation in Kenya’s Information, Communications, and Digital Economy sector. 

Concurrently, the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications, and Digital Economy appointed the Sectoral Working Group on Policy, Legislative, and Regulatory Reforms in the ICT Sector. 

These processes aimed to harness diverse expertise and stakeholder input, paving the way for transformative changes aligned with the government’s digitalisation objectives. 

Comprising experts from civil society, academia, and the private sector, KICTANet formed seven thematic technology working groups to provide comprehensive feedback on draft recommendations by the Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy. 

With 130 enthusiastic individuals contributing, the Working Groups delved into the following key areas: 

  • Digital Infrastructure, telecommunications and services.
  • Software and Software Services
  • Data Governance and Emerging Technologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Innovation, Enterprises, Digital Talent, and Jobs.
  • Postal, Courier, and E-commerce
  • Media, Broadcasting, PR, and Communications.

These Working Groups explored Kenya’s digital landscape, offering invaluable insights and recommendations to address challenges and seize opportunities. 

The culmination of their efforts was presented to the ICT Task Force and Government’s Sectoral Working Group on March 13, 2024, reflecting a shared commitment to meaningful change. 

Led by experts in their respective fields, including telecommunications, software services, and data governance, these groups underline a collaborative effort to foster dialogue between stakeholders and the government.

KICTANet believes that these efforts will pave the way for a resilient and future-proof ICT ecosystem in Kenya, ensuring that policies and regulations reflect the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders. 

As Kenya stands on the brink of technological advancement, the recommendations from these Working Groups serve as a guiding light towards a future defined by innovation, inclusivity, and shared prosperity.



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