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KICTANet Annual Report 2022: Building a Platform for People-Centered ICT Development

KICTANet, a multi-stakeholder platform for ICT policy and regulation, celebrates its 17th year as Kenya’s leading voice for inclusive and human-centric technology. 

Born from a loose network of passionate individuals, KICTANet has evolved into a robust institution for research, advocacy, capacity building, and networking.

This report highlights our achievements in 2022 and outlines our vision for a future where technology empowers all Kenyans.

Transforming Public Participation: From Mandate to Meaningful Action

Kenya’s 2010 Constitution enshrines public participation as a core value. KICTANet, recognizing this shift, embarked on a journey of transformation. We established ourselves as a structured institution while retaining our flexible membership model, fostering open dialogue and inclusivity. 

In the year, we focused on:

  • Tech and Democracy. 
  • Data Protection and Data Governance
  • Digital Resilience, Cyber Security, and Cyber Capacity
  • Strengthening Gender in ICTs 
  • ICT inclusion for marginalised communities

A Year of Impact: Numbers Speak Volumes

  • 1,659 participants in KICTANet forums engaged in critical discussions on pressing issues.
  • 10 projects under implementation aimed at building digital skills, promoting access, and fostering innovation.
  • 23 thought leadership forums convened experts and stakeholders to shape policy and practice.
  • 360 individuals were trained on various ICT-related topics, empowering them to thrive in the digital age.
  • 27 publications and 7 policy briefs informed public discourse and policy decisions.
  • 4 submissions to the Legislature ensured that KICTANet’s voice was heard in shaping policies and laws within the ICT space.
  • 500 delegates from across the globe participated in our flagship events, showcasing KICTANet’s international reach.
  • 70 young leaders participated in the Youth IGF, a youth-led initiative aimed at developing the capacity for coordinating, mobilizing, and advocating for meaningful inclusion and engagement of young people in the Kenya IGF, in partnership with industry stakeholders to address key Internet issues.
  • 350 applications were received for the KICTANet Kenya School of Internet Governance Program, which aims to build a critical mass of individuals advocating for Internet rights and freedoms by equipping the participants with the skills needed to participate meaningfully in local, regional, and global policy discourse.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for Human-Centered Technology

In the coming years, KICTANet will continue to: “… address the complex and evolving challenges in the digital space and contribute to a digital world that respects individual freedoms, safeguards privacy, and fosters innovation. We call on all stakeholders, from governments to businesses to civil society and to individuals, to join us in this critical mission,” Ali Hussein Kassim, Chair of the Board of Trustees, KICTANet.

We believe that technology has the potential to create a better future for all Kenyans, and we are committed to working alongside communities, stakeholders, and policymakers to make this vision a reality.

“Looking ahead, the challenges in the tech space remain complex and evolving. We are committed to addressing these challenges head-on, but we cannot do it alone. We call on all stakeholders, from governments to businesses, to civil society, and to individuals, to join us in this critical mission,” Grace Githaiga CEO, KICTANet.

Read the 2022 annual report here.


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