Advocacy Against Online-Gender-Based Violence: Empowering Women Politicians and Influencers

Empowering Voices: Insights from Women Leaders on Online-Gender Based Violence

By Linda Gichohi

KICTANet, in partnership with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), hosted a compelling Twitter (X) Space session spotlighting women politicians, leaders, and influencers. 

This event, held as part of the #16daysofactivism campaign, provided a platform for these remarkable women to share their impactful stories of resilience in navigating the online world.

Each participant brought a unique perspective, showcasing the diverse journeys and challenges they’ve encountered in the online space. From Hon. Zuleikha Hassan’s (former Member of Parliament, Kwale County) experiences in the political realm to Zipporah Kamau’s (Gender and Governance Specialist) insights on mental health, the panellists offered a valuable tapestry of experiences and advice.

Amidst the narratives of resilience, the panellists offered practical recommendations, empowering others to navigate the online world. 

These insights are not only valuable for women in politics but for anyone seeking to thrive in the digital space.

Hon. Zuleikha Hassan and Hon. Rebecca Kiai emphasized the importance of reporting online abuse promptly and practising cyber hygiene, respectively.

Hon. Rebecca Kiai recommended the adoption of two-factor authentication and strong passwords to mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats.

The Twitter Space session served as a beacon of empowerment, amplifying the voices of women politicians and leaders in the digital space.

Their stories of resilience and the practical recommendations provided contribute to a growing dialogue on creating a safer and more inclusive online environment.

The stories of these women inspire us to navigate the online world with courage, advocate for change, and collectively shape a digital future that is safe, supportive, and inclusive for all. 

This reinforces the KICTANet mission in advocacy against online gender-based violence through its pillars of policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement, research, and capacity-building. 

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Linda Gichohi is a lawyer, a KICTANet Legal Fellow, and a Gender Program Assistant. She has an interest in women’s digital rights and access to justice for technology-facilitated violence. 


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