IGF Week Day 1 Discussion – Data Governance


I think creating an open data framework for public data and creating
commercial incentives for private-sector data providers would be a welcome
way foreward.

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> Good morning listers,
> As we gear for this year’s Kenya Internet Governance Forum
> the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) would like to welcome you to a
> series of discussions derived from this year’s theme, One Kenya. One Net.
> One Vision.
> This years’ first sub theme is Data Governance. Over the years players in
> the internet governance space have gained an appreciation of the need to be
> more vigilant in regards to the use of data are aware of their rights as
> both data providers and consumers. We would appreciate your thoughts on
> the following:-
> 1. What is your view on the fundamental challenge of ensuring the
> benefits of the data revolution to contribute to inclusive economic
> development while protecting the rights of people?
> 2. The global nature of the Internet and the transfer of digital
> information across borders brings an international dimension to discussions
> around data. The generation, collection, storage, transfer and processing
> of data (including personally identifiable data) have enabled new social,
> cultural, and economic opportunities than ever previously imagined. At the
> same time, the massive collection, transfer and processing of data (in
> particular through the application of algorithms/AI/machine learning) by
> public as well as private entities pose challenges around privacy, freedom
> of expression and the exercise of other human rights. Today in Kenya
> there are two pieces of legislation on Data Protection in both houses of
> parliament. What are your thoughts on our interactions with data in light
> of the above mentioned dynamics?
> 3. Data and human rights are today intertwined, would you consider as the best
> approaches to ensure the development of human-centric data governance
> frameworks at national, regional and international levels. How can we
> support and operationalize the exercise of human rights and the empowerment
> of individuals in their digital identity in current uses and the
> development of data-drivent technologies?
> 4. Kindly give consideration on how conditions needed to facilitate
> data-driven innovation can be created, to ensure competition, and to foster
> trust in the development of services and new technologies, including
> through the use of inclusive data and the fulfillment of the UN’s 2030
> Agenda for Sustainable Development.
> We look forward to hearing from you.
> Rosemary Koech-Kimwatu
> Advocate
> Legal and Regulatory Specialist- Oxygene MCL
> Tel: +254 718 181644
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