With an ever increasing uptake of the Internet in Kenya, comes new opportunities for a digital economy. This comes in the form of new ventures such as digital based work as well as use of digital technologies to improve existing services such as banking and insurance. As the digital economy grows, the question of whether and how it should be regulated is pertinent. Should we have more laws for cybersecurity? Should digital goods and services be taxed? One major supply for digital goods is open data. How can open data be useful in the digital economy?

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung(KAS) in collaboration with the Kenya ICT Action Network(KICTANet) are organizing a conference on the framework for digital markets in Kenya and open data. The conference will take place at the Trademark Hotel in Nairobi from 13-14 September and will bring together stakeholders from the government, banking, application developers, social movements and academia. The conference will explore ICT business models as well as digital tools and good governance within the East African Community region. Among other objectives, the conference will seek to establish now cooperations between ICT stakeholders on the usage of open data for development, come up with innovative policy options for Kenya’s competitiveness in the ICT industry and, build capacity for the general public in the usage of Internet for democratic debates.

KAS is a German political foundation working in Kenya to promote and consolidate democracy while KICTANet is a non-profit multi-stakeholder platform for ICT policy and regulation.

For more information visit these websites: http://www.kas.de/kenia/en and www.kictanet.or.ke

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