Day 3 Pre KIGF Online Discussion – Inclusion Track

Happy Furahiday Listers!

*Inclusion *is about ensuring those with limited or no access to the
Internet, such as the unserved and underserved communities, as well as
those for which the internet is not accessible due to gender, disability,
digital literacy, affordability, or for any other reason, are now included
and have equal opportunity to be meaningfully connected to the internet.

The inclusion track aims to engage the IG community on the issues,
challenges, and solutions for the achievement of an *equitable and
inclusive Internet.*

I invite your thoughts on how this can be achieved. Us we ponder on the
below questions:

1. What factors should be considered when seeking to understand and tackle
affordability issues, and how might improvements be made?

2. What strategies could be developed to promote (better) Internet access
for women and girls, older people, people living with disabilities,
refugees and other disadvantaged groups?

3. Within the evolving Digital Economy, how can we get the most
contribution from the different actors of the Internet ecosystem?

4. How do we best equip the workforce of the 21st century with the
necessary skills to take advantage of the new employment opportunities that
will result from digital transformation?

5. How do we manage the social inclusion within the community
affected with technology, as the ICT could bring the change in their social

6. How can we ensure availability of affordable and appropriate digital
devices to enable people hop onto the digital bandwagon?

7. What measures can be put into place to ensure that digital literacy is
included within the basic curriculum in order to create a digitally
literate population?

Feel free to continue with Day 1 and Day 2 conversations under their
respective mails. Looking forward to your input on *Inclusion Track*!
Tr. Karis

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