Day 2 of Talk to the Senate (2017-2022 Priorities)


Thanks for great moderation. I would like to share with the Senator some pointers that I had shared earlier with CS Mucheru when he was confirmed by the president for his second term as CS.

1. The ICT Policy 2016. This is at the cabinet level. In your own words. We urge you to do your utmost to have it on the first cabinet meeting agenda.

How can the Senate assist the CS to actualize this?

2. I will be asking KICTANet to put together a list of critical bills we feel deserve to be tabled in parliament before the first quarter is over. We intend to crowdsource this and help your ministry craft the best language for them that is in the best interest of the ICT community and the country.

We would like to ensure we coordinate with the Senate to enable us avoid any Silos effect. Ours is be able to assist as citizens to move this ICT Policy engagement to another level so that we truly live up to our Silicon Savannah Title.

3. The Universal Access Fund. The country is not feeling the impact of these billions. It needs an injection of Steroids. We urge you to pay close attention to this fund and it’s activities. Many Kenyans are being disenfranchised because of connectivity issues. The current CA Statistics in my humble opinion is the stuff of fiction. Internet connectivity penetration at 112% (51 million users)? 🙂

No need to emphasize this more. I believe the point is made.

4. Representation and public participation in major decisions affecting our industry. We are stakeholders. We humbly ask that the ministry looks beyond KEPSA when it talks of stakeholders. We commit to engage with respect, vigor and with an open mind.

We humbly ask the Senate to continue in this spirit. Senator Halake has shown great leadership and we applaud her for this engagement. Let us continue to engage widely as enshrined in our constitution.

5. Policy direction. This touches on the ICT Policy document now at Cabinet. Once this document is ready for execution we expect it to be implemented with vigor. We are your soldiers on this.

As it is with the Senate. Consider us your foot soldiers.

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