Ai Kenya’s The Great Hack Panel discussion – Conversations on Data Protection Act , Data Privacy , Data Protection and Cambridge Analytica

Dear listers,

Last year on 21st November 2019, Ai Kenya held a Public screening and
Panel discussion Event on The Great Hack. The event involved watching a
documentary focused on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, having a panel
discussion and Q n A session thereafter on matters data protection, Huduma
Number , the Kenyan Data Protection Act and others subjects related to the
topic. The panelists included key members from the Legal , Research and
Technology Industry.

The Panel discussion recording from the event is out and can be accessed on
the following links :

1. Panel discussion video Facebook Link <>
2. Panel discussion video YouTube Link <>

I welcome your feeedback and comments on the respective Video platforms, as
we keep holding more discussions on data privacy in Kenya. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Alfred Ongere

Team lead, Founder

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<> World Ai Show Nairobi 2019 Keynote

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