Why the U.S. Has Knives Out for Russia’s Kaspersky Labs



The two powers – Russia and the US are at each other’s throats and the
latest ‘victim of this Geopolitical duel is Kaspersky.

For months government officials have waged a campaign
Kaspersky Labs, a Moscow-based maker of popular antivirus software. Their
distrust culminated last month in a Department of Homeland Security ban
on federal
networks using the company’s products.

Now we finally have some insight into why the U.S. has been giving one of
Russia’s greatest business successes—a protector of more than 400 million
people’s computers—the snub
. According to a
much-pored over report by the *Wall Street Journal*
an NSA hacker flouted protocol (and all common sense) two years ago by
taking work home to a personal computer that ran Kaspersky software. The
mistake would prove catastrophic.

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Why the US has knives out for Kaspersky

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