Why Kenya is NOT ready to deploy 5G technologies

The launch of 5G services is dependent on spectrum… Once an operator gets enough of it, and agrees a fair price, operators in Kenya will launch.

The problem is the lack of a strategy that would define “enough” and “fair price”…

Then there are all the other aspects mentioned in the kictanet report, such as industry and academic collaboration, various use case pilots etc. which would then maximize the impact of 5G if done well and help speed up that impact.



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To say that Kenya has no 5G Strategy is actually a very serious matter, not to be taken lightly. If true, then somebody in public sector is sleeping on the job. If existing operators are not ready, it is Ok.New ones will emerge if there is business opportunity. That is the way technology works. If you doubt me, just ask Elon Musk!

We all know that Safaricom had been testing 5G for some time.

Is it safe to say that it happened in a vacuum??

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