Who is Kictanet?

Dear Listers,

Each day, we engage in through this platform. Today, I would like to urge
all of us to take a step back and understand what is KICTANet’s guiding

KICTANet encourages synergies for ICT policy-related activities and
initiatives providing mechanisms and a framework for continuing cooperation
and collaboration in ICT matters among industry, technical community,
academia, media, development partners and Government.

For more, kindly read here <www.kictanet.or.ke/?page_id=26785>

For questions and feedback ?do not hesitate to ask or share. ‘Sharing is
caring’ ?

*Kind Regards,*

*David Indeje *
+254 (0) 711 385 945 | +254 (0) 734 024 856

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