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These are top reads from our site. We greatly appreciate the engagement
that comes as a result of you raising issues within the ICT space.

1. Assessing internet development in Kenya: using UNESCO’s Internet
Universality ROAM-X indicators.
Key thematic areas touch on:
Multistakeholder &
Cross-cutting issue.

2. Our latest brief on how Community Networks, is a democratic approach
to internet access that ensures a bottom-Up Citizen Models to Universal and
Affordable Access in Kenya. <t.co/sMf9jiIQvP>

3. Bonus: Our report on Implementing Huduma Namba: Challenges and
Prospects <www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42661> and Video
documentary <www.kictanet.or.ke/about-kictanet/videos/>on the

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