What are the implications of technology in policing?

Kenya has invested heavily in Technology for the police. Are we aware of
how its used?

*When Sergeant Lee DeBrabander* marked a case confidential in the Long
Beach drug squad’s Palantir data analysis system in November 2014, he
expected key details to remain hidden from unauthorized users’ eyes. In
police work, this can be crucial—a matter of life and death, even. It often
involves protecting vulnerable witnesses, keeping upcoming operations hush
hush, or protecting a fellow police officer who’s working undercover.

Yet not long after, someone working in the gang crimes division ran a car
license plate mentioned in his case and was able to read the entire file.
“Can you please look at this?” DeBrabander wrote to a Palantir engineer in
an email, which was obtained by Backchannel in response to public records


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