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Dear Listers,

What has been happening this week? I hope we still have the enthusiasm to
attend and participate in virtual meetings.
Ms. Ninanjira Sambuli in this article, she pens that “As we mach on towards
a blurring of analogue and digital, it is important to remember that
digital inequalities mirror those that exist offline” In her African
response(s) to a global crisis

Can employees speak out against their bosses?

Yes, this can happen.

Jack, Twitter boss drew the line on what is factual or not factual
information. But in the other end, Micheal, FB chief executive thought
otherwise. His employees have taken a step of speaking out publicly against
their boss.



Who misses Kenyan politicians rushing to courts to be heard before Wanjiku
has been served?

There is great transformation within Kenya’s Judiciary, for instance, the
Court of Appeal will hear 185 appeals and applications this month via
virtual means. To see how the 3rd arm of government is fairing visit their
twitter page @Kenyajudiciary

You can also read our proposals to the Judiciary on the Use of Video
Conferencing in Judicial Proceedings during the Covid-19 Pandemic and going
into the ‘new normal’ t.co/xSeZSSngwY

Updates :

The Computer Misuse and Cybercrines Act was heard this weak at Court of
Appeal. A good step so to speak. The court will give directions on July 31
if some sections will be suspended until the appeal is heard and determined.

The Public Service Commission wants to fill in new board members of the
Universal service fund. #ikoKazi for those who want to ensure every corner
of the country is connected. The Standard had great highlights on the same

KRA has proposed new tax measures for digital service providers, kindly
take time to make your recommendations on the same. Visit the KRA portal
for more.

I know a lot more has been happening, we shall keep you posted as things

Budget week is ahead not forgetting June 6th which does not deserve
“makasiriko” whichever way it go!

Happy Weekend!!

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