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> Dear Listers,
> What has been happening this week? I hope we still have the enthusiasm to
> attend and participate in virtual meetings.
> A.
> Ms. Ninanjira Sambuli in this article, she pens that “As we mach on
> towards a blurring of analogue and digital, it is important to remember
> that digital inequalities mirror those that exist offline” In her African
> response(s) to a global crisis
> www.goethe.de/prj/lat/en/dis/21882536.html
> B.
> Can employees speak out against their bosses?
> Yes, this can happen.
> Jack, Twitter boss drew the line on what is factual or not factual
> information. But in the other end, Micheal, FB chief executive thought
> otherwise. His employees have taken a step of speaking out publicly against
> their boss.
> www-wired-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.wired.com/story/facebook-employees-rare-step-call-out-mark-zuckerberg/amp
> C.
> Who misses Kenyan politicians rushing to courts to be heard before Wanjiku
> has been served?
> There is great transformation within Kenya’s Judiciary, for instance, the
> Court of Appeal will hear 185 appeals and applications this month via
> virtual means. To see how the 3rd arm of government is fairing visit their
> twitter page @Kenyajudiciary
> You can also read our proposals to the Judiciary on the Use of Video
> Conferencing in Judicial Proceedings during the Covid-19 Pandemic and going
> into the ‘new normal’ t.co/xSeZSSngwY
> Updates :
> The Computer Misuse and Cybercrines Act was heard this weak at Court of
> Appeal. A good step so to speak. The court will give directions on July 31
> if some sections will be suspended until the appeal is heard and determined.
> The Public Service Commission wants to fill in new board members of the
> Universal service fund. #ikoKazi for those who want to ensure every corner
> of the country is connected. The Standard had great highlights on the same
> www.standardmedia.co.ke/mobile/amp/article/2001374036/state-seeks-to-fill-universal-service-fund-board-slots?__twitter_impression=true
> KRA has proposed new tax measures for digital service providers, kindly
> take time to make your recommendations on the same. Visit the KRA portal
> for more.
> I know a lot more has been happening, we shall keep you posted as things
> unfold.
> Budget week is ahead not forgetting June 6th which does not deserve
> “makasiriko” whichever way it go!
> Happy Weekend!!
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