Webinar today: BPF on AI, Big Data and Internet of Things – 01 April 12:00 Noon UTC

Dear All,

the next virtual meeting of the next IGF BPF on Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (IoT-BD-AI) will be held Today on Monday April 1st at noon (12PM) UTC.

At the first virtual meeting we defined a (working) title for the BPF: “ Justified Trust in IoT, Big Data, AI to stimulate their use to address societal challenges “, and provided a high level verbatim for this year’s work: ’The BPF as platform for multistakeholder deliberation to discuss best practices contributing to creating trusted systems and applications of IoT, Big Data and AI in an Internet context.’


Meeting link: intgovforum.webex.com/webappng/sites/intgovforum/meeting/info/123635336124309423?MTID=m79cba32bc9fcf027b7ee9e1aa57ef132

I am looking forward to your participation,

Kind regards,
Alex Comninos

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