TV signals turned off

Thanks Hillary,

Correct, this is not a justification discussion but an opportunity to show
that both government and media should be accountable and responsible at all

I am surprised at how much leeway the media has been given even on this
list when it comes to being accountable and responsible. So many
journalists mean well, but how many can set the headline?

Several years ago, I asked a senior news editor “as you set the political
agenda in the country (what many call power of the media ), do you see
Nairobi becoming something like Tokyo or Kabul?” He was dismayed. That
person is still heading news as far as I know.

On Feb 2, 2018 3:31 PM, “Hillary Cheserek” <> wrote:

> I have seen the video and it is really informative. However, I doubt if
> Kenyans will take it seriously. They have been trained to think differently
> and to be defensive at all times. The video does not justify switching off
> TV signals as well.
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