To save CA from bullies, restore its autonomy and independence

Good points of information Ali. The situation is getting clearer for me now.

My assumption is that the funds at the CA are actually accessible to the
Ministry on request & availability – by the letter of the law.

If the MoICT is going outside of the set regulations and these allegations
are true then both the PS & DG (for attempting to confer powers of approval
that have not been assigned to him) ought to be immediately dismissed from

The CS should also issue a comprehensive statement to Kenyans indicating
how this could have been happening without his knowledge or otherwise.

These are public funds that we are talking about. I am now therefore
demanding an explanation as is my right as a Kenyan citizen.



On 24 January 2018 at 18:47, Ali Hussein <[email protected]> wrote:

> @Kevin
> I like your response. The interplay between independence and
> interdependence. 🙂
> I fully agree with you.
> I have one issue though and this is one of *Corporate Governance*. The
> monies we are talking about are not small change in the scheme of things. A
> million here and 25 million there..This adds up.
> No organization worth its salt should be run ‘Kiholela’ like that. With
> all due respect to the Mandarins at the MOICT. They should know better. The
> right way to do things is to sit with the CA and have a discussion at the
> end of every year as to which activities they would like CA to fund. These
> then should be consolidated and ExComm (Executive Committee of the Senior
> Management Team at CA) presents this to the Board of Directors for
> ratification and it becomes a budget item and above board.
> The CA is a critical institution and the goings on there smack of
> machinations to control the billions that CA has in its budget. It’s wrong
> for MOICT to treat the CA budget as its personal piggy bank/slush fund. The
> MOICT has a vote. Let it live within its means like we all do. And in case
> they are unable to the paragraph before this should be a guideline on how
> to go about it so that no one is exposed.
> Lastly, I also think what the Director General did, if the reporting has
> any truth to it is wrong. He simply should not have the power to approve
> extra-judicial budget items. This leaves him vulnerable later to
> manipulation. Let there be clear procedures on how these things are done.
> At the Boards that I sit in that in itself is a firing offence. Let us not
> expose our heads of government agencies to such manipulation. It is akin to
> abuse of power by MOICT. It simply is not acceptable.
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