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The Road to the 16th Kenya Internet Governance Forum

In partnership with industry stakeholders, this morning in Nairobi KICTANet convened the 16th Edition of the Kenya Internet Governance Forum.

The Kenya Internet Governance Forum is an open and inclusive multistakeholder forum that annually brings together over 250 industry stakeholders representing the government, the private sector, civil society, the technical and academic community, and the public to discuss Internet Governance.

The forum provides open and inclusive dialogue on Internet governance issues. IGF themes revolve around but are not limited to the Internet’s sustainability, robustness, security, stability, development, human rights, and emerging technologies. This type of cooperative engagement is usually called the multistakeholder model of Internet Governance, one of the critical features of the Internet’s success.

The United Nations Secretary-General formally announced the establishment of the IGF in July 2006, and the first meeting was convened in October 2006.

Guests of the Kenya IGF seated in a large room on round tables.

During the opening session of the Kenya IGF, KICTANet’s CEO and Convenor Grace Githaiga highlighted the events that have happened so far during the Kenya IGF Week, culminating in the main event happening today.

KICTANet inducted the eighth Cohort of the Kenya School of Internet Governance (KeSIG), which commenced on June 2, 2023. KeSIG and Industry partners disseminate a curriculum tailored to build the capacity of vital and potential actors in the local internet governance space.

The students enrolled are involved in internet governance activities as civil society players, human rights defenders, academia, tech community, government departments, and students. At the end of their training, KeSIG alums are equipped to participate in international internet policymaking and contribute to the part of African voices in global debates.

Other events during the IGF week include the children’s IGF convened by KICTANet and Watoto Watch Network on June 15, 2023. During this event, children could present their perspectives and insights on Internet matters affecting them. Involving Children in policymaking allows legislators and other key decision-makers to understand better & address their specific needs, interests, and concerns.

The Gender Program held a two-day workshop from June 19-20 with the International Centre for Non-Profit Law (ICNL). The activity focused on Training on Access to the Internet and public participation for women. On the 20th evening, there was a special screening of the documentary “Backlash: Misogyny in the Digital Age” and a short film by KICTANet, “Kenyan Women Experience Online Gender-Based Violence.”

On Jun 21, 2023 KICTANet and Meta convened a Data Protection and Privacy Event for the Youth. Young people are an integral part of social platforms and contribute to significant portions of the content you find on the web. The event aimed to empower young people on how to keep their work online safe and ensure that their privacy is protected.

On the afternoon of Jun 21, 2023, the Kenya Youth IGF convened a forum for young people who are the key stakeholders in the IGF ecosystem as they are the majority in Kenya and Africa.

The outcomes of the country level (Kenya IGF) feed into the regional level (East Africa IGF), continental level (Africa IGF), and ultimately at the global level (IGF). Previously, Kenya hosted the East Africa IGF in 2009 and the global IGF in 2011 in Nairobi. This year, the Annual Global IGF Meeting convened by the United Nations will be hosted by the Government of Japan from November 8 to October 12, 2023, in Kyoto.



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Florence is the Digital Accessibility Program officer at KICTANet. She wants you to be an a11y.

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