Sky.Garden | +3, 000 merchants, +13, 500 products and over 8, 000 orders

​As more consumers become digitally literate and money takes to the mobile
medium, we see players continue to try their hand at commerce hoping to hit
balanced and profitable disintermediation at scale.

We know of the popular, deeply capitalized but high burn rate platforms
that are still trying to find their profit footing and others birthed by
telco concerns looking to build additional utility to successful yet
threatened cash cows.

There are other lesser known players, building and refining products for
well researched segments while slowly but surely gaining traction.

Sky.Garden whom I met after interacting with Norwegian accelerator Katapult
is one such company.They have have
signed up over 3,000 merchants, seen over 13,500 products listed in
web-shops and fulfilled over 8,000 orders –

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