Sky.Garden | +3, 000 merchants, +13, 500 products and over 8, 000 orders

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On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 7:50 AM, Mbugua Njihia <[email protected]>

> ​As more consumers become digitally literate and money takes to the mobile
> medium, we see players continue to try their hand at commerce hoping to hit
> balanced and profitable disintermediation at scale.
> We know of the popular, deeply capitalized but high burn rate platforms
> that are still trying to find their profit footing and others birthed by
> telco concerns looking to build additional utility to successful yet
> threatened cash cows.
> There are other lesser known players, building and refining products for
> well researched segments while slowly but surely gaining traction.
> Sky.Garden whom I met after interacting with Norwegian accelerator Katapult
> is one such company.They have have
> signed up over 3,000 merchants, seen over 13,500 products listed in
> web-shops and fulfilled over 8,000 orders –
> siness/sky-gardens-take-digital-commerce.html​
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