Shifting Norms of Professionalization in a Nairobi Technology Start-Up Community

Very intriguing indeed …

I believe that African innovation at the core are inspired with the need to
better the society through bridging the ‘need-gap’ whereas the foreign
template of entrepreneurship primarily focus on viability and
profitability, of which in is not entirely evil, though the failure thereof
would kill seeds of hope through technovation that may have intended to
solve a meaningful problem and thereby providing a foundation for more

If you look at the need and drive for some of these authentic kenyan
solutions; eatout, sendy, bunifu, illuminumgreenhouses etc among many more
others out there, i believe, stemmed out from a need to better their
environment and while at it saw the derived benefit to the end user.

My thoughts on this.

Kind Regards,

Kigen Koech
Business Development Manager
Telkom Kenya
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