Service Delivery data OPEN to the public?

Dear Listers,

For performance tracking purposes, which procurement (service delivery)
data do national & county Go.Ke departments, authorities, agencies publish
ONLINE (make available for public scrutiny)?

Which progressive MP will sponsor a BILL (amend some law) to require the
funding of transparency (access to information) EQUALS that of sitting
allowances (per diems)?

The link below has about 5 topics which should be SERIOUSLY discussed but
one paragraph reveals how Chinese firms are encouraged to secure their
localities (economies).

Government procurement databases contain 31 other documents naming iFlytek
Intelligent Information Technology or a previous name for the same company
as a supplier of voiceprint-related products or services to 25 police
departments in China and the Ministry of Public Security between 2014 and
2018. Most documents were from police departments in Anhui, the province in
eastern China where iFlytek is based.

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