Seeking information on NEMIS

Thank you Ali.
This is a very worrying trend- tying government services to digital
identity and making them mandatory and then pulling in children while at it.
Is there anyone from government on this list with a response?

Il venerdì 18 maggio 2018, Ali Hussein <> ha scritto:

> Grace
> I took the liberty to ask a senior manager at a leading Educational
> Publisher his thoughts about NEMIS. What he told me worries me.
> I’m copying his email below verbatim but protecting his identity.
> The Ministry of Education is capturing data of every learner and putting
> in this NEMIS system.That is why you have been reading parents are spending
> nights at Registration centres looking for Birth Certificates of their
> children which is a main requirement of NEMIS.
> On the service it looks good but for a student of Information Science,
> this is a dangerous exercise that is done in a vacuum. Kenya does not have
> a clear policy and data protection law(s). That should be what is put in
> place before the NEMIS system. The data they are getting is too much. They
> need both parents details (all from the sub-location) and telephone.
> What will make some crooks not access that then know XX is a man of
> means, go for your child, kidnap them them then starting seeking ransom
> from you? What protects our children from that data being sold to
> commercial entities for advertisement? What protects the child from their
> academic performance (it will be part of what NEMIS will be capturing)
> being used to stigmatize them in future? You can imagine you are vying for
> an office and someone has all your records. In a sense, we are not assured
> of privacy and confidentiality.
> That said, we are a very meek people who fear “fighting the Government” so
> this will go on then consequences will be dire.
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> Dear listers,
> I am sure that those of you who are parents/guardians/caregivers here
> filled in the NEMIS (Ministry of Education System) forms from their
> children’s schools at least once or twice as the school year or
> registration for exams.
> It got me wondering what the system is really about and how children’s
> data is protected. I scoured the internet for any policy/legal document
> and the one I came across was a user guide.
> Would anyone, the Ministry, Authority, task force members or contractors
> please share more information on the purpose of the system as well as how
> parents and children can access it, how long the data will be kept, who is
> keeping it etc?
> Regards,
> —
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