Sector Statistics Report Q2 2019-2020


For those who may have missed, the Communications Authority recently
released the Quarter 2 Sector Statistics Report.

Notably, CA revised its data collection template in a bid to meet data
requirements by various stakeholders.

The report notes that CA shared a manual on definitions and methodologies
of collecting and reporting Telecommunication indicators with service
providers and the public for purposes of common understanding of ICT
indicators. The manual was developed in consultation with the International
Telecommunications Union (ITU) and is available on here:

The Quarter 2 Sector Statistics Report provides an overview of the
performance and trends of the ICT sector for the period 1st October to 31st
December 2019.

It further notes an increase in cyber threats, and a decrease in .ke domain
names from the previous quarter to stand at 91,940. However, it was
recently reported on this list that the domain names have now hit the 100,
000 mark. Meaning that the situation has improved in the last three months.

And amazing– people are still sending out letters which rose to 10.5
million letters compared to 9.6 million letters sent between July and
September 2019. This was attributed to the sending of success cards to
candidates undertaking national exams, and I suspect christmas cards.

The full report:

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