Reducing Promotional Messages? Safaricom Introduces Transactional vs Promotional Sender ID.

Hoping this will reduce the ever growing number of undesired promotional
messages we receive each day. Kudos Safaricom for the move!

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Dear Client,

Here is what Safaricom deems to be a Transactional Sender ID vs a
Promotional Sender ID:

What is a promotional Sender ID?
A Promotional Sender ID is used to promote any product or a service to a
specified audience, which would normally be used for SMS Advertising.

What is a Transactional Sender ID?
These are sender names which are used during engagement with a product or
service e.g. OTP (one-time password) messages, bank transaction
notification etc.The messages can also be billing reminders of loans,
utility services etc. System downtime notifications, Internet connection
outages, Service unavailability by an organisation will also be considered
as Transactional messages.

What if a Sender ID is used for both types of message?
It would be convenient to apply for a different Sender ID to use for
transactional purposes to avoid the mix up. If that is not a viable option,
then one can classify as promotional to avoid being flagged as sending
messages that are Promotional on the Transactional account.

How are the two types of Sender IDs going to be treated differently by
Transactional messages do not have time limitation i.e. between 8am and 6pm
daily, neither is it mandatory for them to carry the opt out instructions.
Promotional messages must carry out the opt out instructions and can only
be sent between 8am and 6pm.

When does the new treatment of promotional messages kick in?
Categorisation is currently on going, full implementation of the new rules
is expected to start in 1 week.

Will this change how we apply for Sender IDs in the future?
Yes, moving forward in the Authorisation Letter, clients will have to
specify what the Sender ID will be used for as well as the category i.e
either Transactional or Promotional.

Have a lovely evening!

Kind Regards,
Africa’s Talking Team

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