Public consultation on OECD Framework for Classifying AI Systems until 30 June 2021

The OECD and its OECD.AI <> Network of Experts, in which I
participate, has launched a *public consultation* *on a *draft Framework
for Classifying AI systems <> that is
part of the OECD Programme on AI and Work, Innovation, Productivity and
Skills (AI-WIPS) <> supported by the German Labour

We are seeking input to improve the framework so it is useful and
technically robust and *would like to solicit your feedback *as your work
is related.

The framework is a user-friendly tool to help policy makers and others
differentiate between different types of AI systems and their different
impacts on policy goals along 4 dimensions: 1) context; 2) data and input;
3) AI model; and 4) task and output. It aims to provide a common baseline
of the key characteristics of AI systems that can impact trustworthy AI; to
inform initiatives from impact assessment to regulation and self-regulation.

<> <>


The *deadline for input is 30 June 2021*. Please take* 5 minutes **to test
the Framework on a real AI system* <> or,
if you have a little more time, *comment on the report on *

We would much appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you.
For more information or any queries, please reach out to


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