Preparing for the Future of Transportation: Automated Vehicles 3.0 (AV 3.0)

(Earlier version: Automated Driving Systems2.0: A Vision for Safety in September 2017)

“… Preparing for the Future of Transportation:Automated Vehicles 3.0 (AV 3.0) is anothermilestone in the Department’s developmentof a flexible, responsible approach to aframework for multimodal automation. Itintroduces guiding principles and describesthe Department’s strategy to address existingbarriers to safety innovation and progress. Italso communicates the Department’s agendato the public and stakeholders on importantpolicy issues, and identifies opportunities forcross-modal collaboration…”

There might be a few insights of value to the sector to help reduce the struggles and disturbances to the good people in the Kenyan chain from transport-security-mwenyenchi-safety-boda. Not to mention curb loss of one more Kenyan.

Be blessed.Regards/Wangari—
Pray God Bless. 2013Wangari circa – “Being of the Light, We are Restored Through Faith in Mind, Body and Spirit; We Manifest The Kingdom of God on Earth”.

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