Pilots, Pivots, Innovation and the corporate crutch

Models of production and consumption are changing the world over. New
market segments are also opening up due to the availability of broader
choice and wallet capacity, driving lifestyle decisions. To this end many
startups are emerging across industries either rethinking traditional ways
of work or building out entirely new ways to create and present value.
These tectonics can happen slowly or come as a short, sharp shock. Having
been part of the start-up scene for many years in different capacities, I
have noted the transition from the initial David and Goliath narrative
where it was the start-up entrepreneur and team against the corporate
juggernauts in a winner takes all, to one of partnership and collaboration
albeit measured and cautious for the most part. The realization that both
the incumbent and start-up need each other, especially so in emerging
markets where greenfield opportunities would deliver terrific returns on
investment on the back of new and stable technology and sometime low
regulatory barriers is refreshing.
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Mbugua Njihia

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